Video Marketing: Helping to Attract Millions

Video Marketing: Helping to Attract Millions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! Video marketing is a strategy that will enhance your brand awareness by utilizing the power of motion, sight, and sound simultaneously.

For the past few years, digital marketing was the fastest-growing strategy. However, now that smartphones can perform laptop/PC functions, companies should strive to make their sites mobile-friendly. Further, since video marketing is mobile friendly and a better strategy than digital marketing given technological advancements, it should be the top priority of every company’s marketing campaign.

Do Not Miss Out

Video marketing is providing the best platform for business organizations to interact with their customers. With this digital strategy, companies can be more transparent with clients concerning their brand and products. Organizations that are not focused on video marketing are missing out on the following benefits:

• Giving customers a personalized experience
• Giving clients a one-on-one experience
• Utilizing audio and visual content to attract target customers

The Human Element

Many people are not comfortable with being in front of a camera, so they take the safe route and focus on their products in digital marketing videos. This strategy is problematic because the human element is the most important part of the marketing strategy.

When you personally advertise your product, you create an initial bond of trust with your customers. Many organizations are robbing people of the experience the human element provides by sharing videos that are solely focused on the products and brands.

Also, when you take the time to personally introduce your products, your customers will know that the brand is authentic and will consider giving your products a chance.

Thus, the human element is essential to building client trust, exemplifying the mission of your brand and showing clients why they need your products.


What type of resources does video marketing require? Simple: a smartphone camera. Most smartphone cameras have excellent photo and video quality, so there is no need to invest in other products (initially).

As far as video editing is concerned, there are many software programs to choose from. Most software programs are free while others are available at a low cost.

Once you get consistent with your video marketing strategy, take it to the next level by investing in top-notch cameras and software programs. Show your customers what you are really capable of, and the positive responses will continue rolling in.

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