We use AI and online conversations to gather consumer insights around your brand, industry, or campaigns.

— We use AI and online conversations to gather consumer insights around your brand, industry, or campaigns.

We recognize that data truly is king and that consumer insight drives brand success.  We use AI and online conversations to gather consumer insights around your brand, industry, or campaigns.

AI makes it possible  to uncover consumer insights faster than ever before.

  • We use AI-powered technology to
  • Understanding brand perception
  • Analyzing campaign performance

Identifying relevant trends within an industry

Brand perception

It’s challenging to find time for deep consumer research, and we cannot imagine a company who makes shoes, perfume or delivers services focused on those activities will have time for consumer research.  You will be focusing on making your product or service.

It’s more important than ever for brands of all sizes to understand consumer preferences and opinions if they want to drive revenue.  The process of creating a detailed survey or questionnaire and finding suitable respondents is arduous. Focus groups can be both time and resource-costly. And bringing in an external market research firm could mean waiting months for meaningful insights. That said,

Luckily, advancements in AI have made it possible for organizations to quickly uncover consumer insights.

We are using AI technology to sweep through swathes of online data to instantly answer questions like:

  • How do consumers view our brand today?
  • What are the emerging trends in our industry?
  • Was our marketing campaign a success?

We are able to track everything from the volume of conversation about your brand, to the sentiment and emotion around products. You can also easily track major topics without having to manually scan through dozens of posts, and be notified about major changes in a conversation so that crises and opportunities can be handled early.

Campaign performance

Traditionally, questions around how a campaign is performing weren’t easy to answer. They would require the same focus groups and surveys we’ve already discussed, and you’d need to do them for every campaign. Luckily there are now easier and much quicker ways to make sense of your campaign’s overall success. This needn’t be left til after a campaign is over – AI and continuous monitoring make it simple to jump into a dashboard and check on key performance indicators at any time.

We use AI to instantly answer questions like:

  • What impact is our campaign having on brand conversation volume?
  • How is our campaign impacting brand perception?
  • Is our campaign resonating with our target audience?

Essentially we are able to get data in real time of how brand mentions and sentiment can be measured over the long term – and even more granular – down to the minute!

Consumer trend analysis

While brand perception and campaign performance are usually the go-to use cases when analyzing consumer opinion, some of the most powerful insights come from analyzing larger consumer trends and preferences. This type of larger-scale consumer analysis is something some companies  may feel they don’t have the time for, but with the help of AI and trillions of data points from online conversation, deep market research and consumer insights are within the reach.

Understanding the trends that drive consumer purchasing decisions help your brand stay ahead of the competition and boost sales, and there are all kinds of research questions to start out with.

  • How has conversation about a topic changed over time?
  • How are consumers talking about new brands and products in my industry?
  • What new trends in my industry are being discussed by my audience?

For example, brands can look at rapid rise and fall of conversation about wearable smart devices.


Time is a precious commodity, we must use the advancement in technology to better manage our most valuable resource.  AI analysis mean that we can get deep consumer insights without the need for time-consuming research.

AI-powered technology allows us to understand how consumers perceive their brand and their campaigns, and to track the trends impacting their industry.