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About This Project

I am pleased to offer a letter of support to BrandEQ. In my capacity as owner of conflict management consultancy Urban Rez Solutions, I have had the pleasure to work with the agency since June 2016 to the current date.

Urban Rez Solutions contracted BrandEQ to provide highly effective communication strategies for our citywide anti-violence initiative Just Think 1st. The campaign funded by the Toronto Police Service Board was a groundbreaking partnership between the community and police.
It was essential that the branding of the campaign understand and convey relevant messaging to all citizens of Toronto.
‘BrandEQ’s experience with creating and managing impactful campaigns is incomparable’. BrandEQ’s poignant communication strategy exhibited their expertise in regards to inclusivity and diversity. The masterfully created ads showcased race, gender, sexual orientation and culture brilliantly.
BrandEQ ultimately now has an integral role in encouraging the community to make pro-social well thought decisions.
We found the agency to be clever, bright and insightful.
BrandEQ brings forth a great sense of pride in their work and pays attention to the little details.

I confidently assert BrandEQ as ‘Masters of inclusion and setting the trend for diverse marketing. See less


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