Who are we?

We are a creative agency that specializes in communication, marketing, PR, and branding on a global scale. We bring a diversity of professional experience to offer our clients original campaigns that deliver results.







We use a team based approach to bring together the right combination of talents to support our clients.


Our clients have repeatedly told us that they love how we get them to market. Our turnaround is legendary.


We get it right the first time. Before we act, we research your market until we fully understand the opportunities and challenges.


We execute insightful strategic communication, marketing and branding strategies across all platforms with engaging creativity for our clients. As well as pioneering digital and online in the regional landscape, BrandEQ has established unique relationships with the key influencers that impact on our clients’ brands.

Create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

-- Orson Welles --




Percentage of couples who met online
Global population rank if Twitter was a country
Percent of purchases influenced by social media
Percentage of Twitter users with income over $100k


You can judge us by the work we have done

Our Service

Before beginning your marketing campaign, it is vital to establish an overarchingstrategy. With years of experience in branding and marketing, we understand what it takes to drive a successful campaign, and will work closely with you to develop your branding strategy before the rest of the process begins.
The best marketing campaigns are those that potential customers can relate to. Thus, understanding your market is of the utmost importance. The first phase of your advertising strategy is to do market research and learn about your future customers. We leverage our industry connections and our ability to know where and what to look for in order to best prepare your marketing campaign.
Once we have our fingers on your market’s pulse, we bring our experience andtalented team to bear in creating the most effective campaign possible. By utilizing a diverse range of marketing tools, we ensure that your campaign will reach not only the widest possible consumer base, but also the most relevant potential customers.
In the 21st century, digital marketing is a vital part of any advertising campaign. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages and billboards ads. While these tools might still be used, the majority of your customers in this day and age are tech-savvy and plugged-in, which means that your digital strategy needs to be on point. Thankfully, BrandEQ has a team of cutting-edge digital and online marketing professionals to take your campaign to the next level.
Marketing is more than getting ads in front of customers. While a broad marketing campaign will bring in new business, it is a loyal base of repeat customers and stellar word of mouth publicity that will sustain your business in the long run. Bringing in new clients is only the start—what is really needed is a strong, effective brand and corporate identity. Turning your business into a household name is essential to long-term growth and sustainability.
Marketing is no longer limited to putting words and pictures in front of potentialcustomers. With our modern understanding of psychology and human behavior, it is now possible to create customized marketing experiences for a wide variety of clients and customers. Through brand activation and experiential marketing, it is possible to make potential customers feel like they are a part of your company’s activities, and to better relate to your corporate ethos. When consumers relate to your brand on a deeper level, they are more likely to convert not only into repeat customers, but also organic ambassadors for the company.
Conventions, festivals, and other corporate events are a great opportunity to place your brand squarely in the public eye. Through the use of booths and exhibits staffed by qualified professionals, we are able to create a physical presence for your brand that features you in the best possible light and gives potential customers and partners to relate to you on a personal level.
The media is an ever-changing monster, but by keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and media platforms, we are able to leverage the mainstream media to create and maintain effective public relations for your brand. Whether through the use of press releases, public interest pieces, or other forms of organic marketing, we can place you in the public eye, in a manner that is both effective and relatable.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn…when it comes to social media, the world is a broad and diverse place. The latest trends in social media are always changing, with different sites and platforms gaining popularity at different times and with different demographics. Our expert social media team knows exactly what platform is trending at any given time, and can support your marketing campaign with a slick, professional Web presence, timely release of tweets, Facebook competitions, and other social media blasts.
After your brand is established, it is vital to maintain a healthy, approachable reputation. No matter what happens—whether good or bad—there is a way to spin it to your advantage and shape your public message and reputation in a positive manner. Whether your reputation is in need of rebuilding, or is already healthy and simply needs to be maintained, our crack team of marketers can help.
Each industry has its movers and shakers—experts and businesspeople respected and looked-up to by both market regulars and the public in general. By aligning and associating your brand with these influencers, we lend credibility to your company and position you for better exposure, as well as build a reputation for excellence and shape you as a future influencer.
Business in the 21st century is no longer limited by borders. Companies have gone transnational, so it is essential that your marketing strategy is also run on a global scale. Different countries and cultures have different norms, and are thus accessed and influenced by different marketing strategies. We specialize in transnational business marketing, and can position your brand for optimum exposure no matter what country or market you are looking to break into.
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