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Innovating Content for the Nonprofit

Innovating Content for the Nonprofit The innovation craze has taken over most industries and showing no signs of going away. Innovation is thriving and disrupting technology sectors, consumer products, healthcare, small to large businesses, consultancies, and almost any industry imaginable. Whether there is successful innovation disruption happening is another story still being developed. The better…

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What is Brand EQ?

BrandEQ is a creative marketing and communications agency that specializes in marketing services such as brand building, strategizing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, digital ads, video production and others. By utilizing these marketing services, Brand EQ is able to build brand awareness, facilitate engagement between brands and their target audiences/consumers, and help brands reach greater…

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Behind the Scenes – Client Photoshoot

Who said work can’t be fun? Here’s a behind the scenes look of a few clients’ photoshoots in Scarborough! Client:   Client: Clients and I!  

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Executive

Marketing is a rather unique field, because in most cases, the success (or failure) of any given marketing campaign does not really depend on the work of a single individual, but rather on the coordination of many people across different fields such as market research, production design, sales, distribution, customer relations and of course, advertising.…

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Event Marketing: The Best Way to Help People Experience Your Brand

Event Marketing is a powerful strategy for businesses looking to engage with new and old customers alike. In case you aren’t familiar with event marketing, it is about brands partnering with events or hosting their own events in order to gain visibility, connect with people and introduce their products to a larger audience. A good…

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Beating Your Competitors: How to Always Stay on the Edge!

In business, we’re always striving to “beat the competition”, but what does that actually mean? How do we accomplish this? In order to succeed and race ahead of your peers, it is important to understand the fundamentals of leadership and make sure that you are looking ahead, behind and around you. In order to gain…

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Defining the Luxury Experience

What makes luxury…luxury? Well, it certainly isn’t the expensive price tag. Defining luxury might be a rather difficult task, but we believe that the most essential component of a luxury item or experience is the deliberate attention to detail. Imagine that you just bought two shirts. One shirt was acquired from a popular consumer store,…

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Video Marketing: Helping to Attract Millions

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! Video marketing is a strategy that will enhance your brand awareness by utilizing the power of motion, sight and sound simultaneously. For the past few years, digital marketing was the fastest growing strategy. However, now that smartphones can perform laptop/PC…

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BrandEQ's CEO Nadine Spencer was honoured at the 34th Annual BBPA Harry Jerome Awards

BrandEQ’s CEO Nadine Spencer was honored  at the 34th Annual BBPA Harry Jerome Awards with the Business Award in recognition of her significant accomplishments. Nadine has earned a reputation as an experienced professional who accelerates strategic growth and brand visibility for clients. Nadine is also a committed community builder who volunteers with numerous community organizations.…

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Why W3C Compliance Matters

In terms of website safety and digital safety—not to mention accessibility—there is no question that W3C compliance still matters. Even in this day and age, W3C validation continues to carry a great deal of weight. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. If your group is a designated public sector organization,…

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Five Ways To Build Your Strong Personal Brand

Personal branding represents an ongoing challenge. There are a number of ways in which you can build a brand that will nurture current customers, while constantly reaching out to the new customers. With this thought in mind, start looking at the ways in which you can implement corporate branding strategies. There are a wide range…

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U ARE THE BRAND! When we meet people for the first time, we make an impression in three ways: Visual, Verbal and Vocal. What’s most interesting is that the visual component is the most important by far.  As human beings, it is natural to “think with our eyes.” Whether you like it or not, the…

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