Event Marketing: The Best Way to Help People Experience Your Brand

Event Marketing is a powerful strategy for businesses looking to engage with new and old customers alike. In case you aren’t familiar with event marketing, it is about brands partnering with events or hosting their own events in order to gain visibility, connect with people and introduce their products to a larger audience.

A good example of event marketing would be the stand of free soft drink samples at a music festival. The soft drink company partnered with the festival in order to engage with new and old customers, advertise their products and expand brand awareness through free samples and other branding materials such as billboards, posters, etc…

Another example would be the famous “Vans Warped Tour”, an alternative music festival in the United States. Since the well-known apparel brand that sponsors the event, Vans, knows that people who enjoy alternative music might also like its products, it uses this event to create a connection between the brand and the identity of its customers.

Some of the main focuses of event marketing include being visible and reaching out to the right people, at the right time! When people are at an event and have the ability to physically experience a brand and its products, an immediate connection is made. This connection is harder to achieve online since the experience of an event is one of a kind.


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Posted on July 9, 2017 in Blog

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