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Branding Happens Before Anything Else

Having a company that is well branded could be all it takes to be successful. Your advertising is your lifeline as a business owner, and having something that is done correctly and efficiently could bring you the business you have always needed. Nothing can really happen on a positive note for your company if it…

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Does Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Attract?

As important as it is to have a top quality product, the cold reality is that quality doesn’t matter if you can’t convince people to buy what you are selling. When it comes to establishing a successful brand, it is essential to have a unique selling proposition (USP) that attracts customers. After all, your business…

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Marketing 102: How to Stand Out

Trying to make money in today’s marketplace can be difficult because there are so many small businesses that are competing with each other. Between the competition and difficult economy, it might seem like you do not have any positive options left to allow your business to grow. Developing a business strategy that is going to…

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Five Branding Implementation Strategies for Any Business

If you are serious about growing your business, you are no doubt concerned about the visibility and strength of your brand. In the hyper-competitive global market, having a recognizable, respected brand is virtually mandatory if your business is to enjoy success, and there are a multitude of different strategies to accomplish this, depending on your…

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Which Comes First—the Branding or the Sale?

In the excitement of starting or running a business, it is easy to put the cart before the horse. The problem is, the way the market is set up these days, it doesn’t matter how good your product is—you aren’t going to sell anything unless you have the power of branding and name recognition behind…

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10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan Read

Great article from Ever heard the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail?” That old but wise adage often rings true social-media marketing. Creating a detailed, goal-oriented social-media strategy is just as important as having a rock solid business plan. when it comes to Read more:

How to Influence Social Media with Your Brand

Just about everyone has a form of social media these days. Even those that do not think that the ever-popular Facebook is right for them will keep up to date on their favorite people with Twitter or any of the other social media giants. So many people being involved in social media give business owners…

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Marketing Techniques without All the Bells, Whistles and Money

Whether your business is just starting out or you are ready to expand your advertising and marketing techniques, your bottom line is the most important thing to keep in mind. While you are searching for ways to keep your costs down and your sales high you could very easily feel overwhelmed with the amount of…

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