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Get Your Customers Talking

If you are not sure if your customers are talking about your business’s products and services, think again, they are talking. It might be good things, or it could be very bad things. Either way, as a business owner, know that people that you have provided products or services to are in fact talking about…

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Does Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Attract 101

The whole point of you going into an industry that might already have quite a few businesses in it is that you believe that your company has a unique selling proposition, or a way that your business stands out against the competition that is already in place. Making sure that your unique selling proposition is…

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How to Create a Press Release That Works

Making an effective press release can be an incredible tool for your company. They have been known to boost sales, get more people talking about your products and services and help you generate more traffic through your store or website. A good press release allows the right journalist to tell customers and others something new…

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