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If you are not sure if your customers are talking about your business’s products and services, think again, they are talking. It might be good things, or it could be very bad things. Either way, as a business owner, know that people that you have provided products or services to are in fact talking

about what they got from you. They might be talking enough good, or might be talking too much bad. Either way, it is important to get more customers to talk about your business in more positive ways, even if you think they already are. A customer that is angry or displeased with your company is much more likely to talk about your business to more people than a company that they are truly satisfied with. This means that it is imperative for you as the owner to take a stand, and see to it that your customers are talking positively about your business. Becoming truly immersed in your business and talking to your customers as much as possible about ways to improve can drive them to talk outside your store as well.

 Having your customers talking about your business is important, but learning what exactly you need them to talk about is important. Maybe you want your customers to talk about the high quality of your products, or how great your customer service is. If you have a business that most people do one way, pride yourself on doing it another way; try to be the cleanest car repair service in the area, or have the best customer relations at a scrap yard. Whatever your business is, try to surprise your customers with something they are not expecting from your line of business, the wow-factor is exactly what will make them talk to their friends, co-workers and family about your business. Having that in mind, amazing them is not all you need to do to get positive feedback from your patrons. Keeping up with the times, using modern technology and nurturing lasting relationships can also help you.
The best thing you can do is make your customers loyal. This can be done by providing great products, high quality service and taking time to build relationships with each individual. If most of your advertising is done by word of mouth, it might be vital to your success to make sure that if someone was disappointed with your company that you have taken the proper steps to alleviate their concerns, this will make them talk more about your business and in a positive manner. The average business will lose almost three hundred dollars a year per customer with each customer that is lost to a competitor. This does not only makes you lose money, but also brings in less to replace it if more people select another business for their needs. This means that working hard to ensure each customer stays loyal and talks to their friends about your business is one of the most important aspects of your business. Keeping things on track might seem impossible, but as long as you have a great attitude and have the right values in place, you cannot go wrong.

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